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To mark the WW1 Centenary MK Gallery will deliver a 12 month educational project (June 2014 - May 2015) that will directly engage 80 Key Stage 3 pupils from 4 local secondary schools in artist-led research trips, workshops, talks and a final exhibition. The project will explore the broad question 'How have artists used the visual arts to depict and interpret military conflict, historically and in the present-day?', whilst also supporting the students to develop their own lines of enquiry within the theme.

The Battle of Grathe Heath by Lorenz Frølich 
			via Wikimedia Commons
The Battle of Grathe Heath by Lorenz Frølich via Wikimedia Commons

The workshops would include two research elements; at least one research trip to a national museum with each group, with a focused exploration of a key piece of artwork or an artefact that will inform their project; and a research workshop designed by the pupils to engage with older people from within their community. At appropriate stages throughout the Frontline project, the artists will help the pupils to prepare and deliver talks, presentations or workshops sharing a key concept or discovery with Key Stage 3 peers in their own school. This model of peer-led learning enables the pupils to make their research relevant to their fellow students, and encourages practical skills in public speaking and leadership.

Using the documentation and input from the artists and students, a substantial online resource or case study would be created by MK Gallery for teachers and students to use and adapt for future projects.