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We are a new city and as such did not exist at the time of the Great War. Individuals and families have since moved here from all over the globe, as the original villages and towns have become the county of Milton Keynes that we know today. All residents will have their own personal stories and history and will be able to offer a different flavour of their ancestors' world 100 years ago at the beginning of WWI. Working with schools, community groups and individuals across the city the aim is to create a dynamic piece of work that could be displayed in Middleton Hall or Campbell Park. Each individual will create a piece of work that will be displayed alongside its neighbour, each telling a story of their family/history 100 years previously. They may choose to explore the social change, and the change in expectations that they experience compared to one of their ancestors 100 years ago.

Ambulance train and workers, The Living Archive
Ambulance train and workers, The Living Archive

Westbury Art Centre will commission a choreographer and a textile artist to create both a performance piece and a stand-alone installation and final exhibition. All work and the process would be filmed creating a lasting record of the people taking part, their memories, and the final pieces of work and performance.